Omega-J8006-Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome

Omega J8006 Juicer

Many masticating juicers you will find on the market cannot be able to give you the best yield when it comes to green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach or arugula, but not on Omega-J8006 Nutrition-Center Juicer. This is one among the juicers in the market that gives you 100 natural tastes and color in your juice. It allows you to drink the juice fresh even if you extracted few days ago. Below is a review of this juicer.



Low-Speed Juicer

Omega J8006 Juicer is a masticating juicer that utilizes a slow speed of 80 RMP to extractthe juice, without any oxidation, heat buildup or foam. Many centrifugal juicers you will find out there, process the juice at a speed, or not less than 1,650 RMP and most of them even go to as much as 15000 RMP. The low speed has its advantages, for example, you can store juice extracted from low-speed juicer for up to 72 hours without oxidation.

1.5 Inch Round Feed Chute

The Omega-J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer features a feeding chute opening of 1.5 inch in diameter, which is quite small. This means that you have to cut your ingredients into small pieces. The narrow opening in this kind of juicer is necessary to make sure that the produce is not fed too fast for the 80 RMP speed. Some people may view this is a disadvantage, but this feature is there to preserve the quality of juice that is extracted.

Dual-stage Juicing system

The Omega-J8006-Nutrition Center Juicer operates through a dual –stage juicing system, which is an imitation of human chewing mechanism. The dual stage process works as a crushing and pressing process. Fruits and vegetables are first crushed in the first stage, and then squeeze the pulp for maximum juice yield. This process is very imperative because it helps minimize frothing and clogging.

High Yields Juicer

The juicer produces a high yield of quality juice, typically because of its low-speed processing. The juicer is also able to retain its natural color, its appearance, as well as its natural taste thanks to the Auger that squeezes your ingredients against a mesh screen. The minimal heat generated means that nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes of your whole juice will remain intact.

More than a juicer

This juicer is versatile: it can juice soft fruits as well as hard ones. It also used as the food processor to chop or mince. It has a pasta nozzle that can extrude pasta, it has a homogenizing blank for making nut butter, and some people use it to make baby food.


Size: 7 in x 15.5 in x 8.5 in

Weight: 14.7 pounds

Accessories include: Motor base, Ultem Juicing Screen, juice catch cup, blank plate, pulp catch cup, cleaning brush, six nozzles, food processor attachment and a Homogenizer


  • Complete extraction of juice
  • The low speed retains the natural taste and color of the produce.
  • Easy to assemble, clean and maintain.
  • No foaming, no clogging.
  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • 15 years warranty


  • Fairly expensive
  • A little less to clean
  • Some people have a bad experience with the clogged screen
  • Some people would prefer a large sized bin.

Consumer ratings

While this juicer has received more than 2000 reviews on Amazon, mostly very positive, some customers have pointed some features of the product that they saw less impressive. Many people complain about the small feeding tube, which according to the manufacturer is very necessary.


The price of Omega-J8006 Juice is much higher as compared to other Omega juicers, at around $30 or more. However at its current price of $299.95 at Amazon is affordable to many people. You might pay a little higher in other stores so be on a lookout


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